In any office or workplace, there is a high likelihood that you will need to handle and store petty cash at some point. This is why we have a large selection of cash boxes available which will allow you to collect, organise and store petty cash until it can be deposited. We have cash boxes available and they are all available to purchase now for next working day delivery.

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  • Safescan Mixed Coin Counter/Sorter Euro (Pack of 1) 113-0260

    Code: SSC33295
    Pack size: Each

    Safescan Mixed Coin Counter/Sorter Euro. Counts sorts and gives exact coins. Currency: Pounds Sterling. With add and batch function. Total quantity and quantity per denomination.
    GBP SSC33295 195.91 £ 195.91 Inc. VAT £ 235.10
  • YCR Grey Coin Sorter and Counter Sterling 113-0568

    Code: YC28059
    Pack size: Each

    BJ-18 Coin Counter. A fast and efficient way to count coins. Accurately counts and sorts 216 coins per minute. Each hopper can hold 300 - 500 coins. Counter stops when coin tray is full. Also bundles preset coin quantities.
    GBP YC28059 197.02 £ 197.02 Inc. VAT £ 236.42
  • Safescan 6185 Advanced Money Counting Scale (Pack of 1) 131-0457

    Code: SSC33373
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SSC33373 234.93 RRP:£ 259.00 £ 234.93
    9% Off Inc. VAT £ 281.91
  • Safescan Banknote Counter/Checker 2250 (Pack of 1) 115-0561

    Code: SSC33283
    Pack size: Each

    Three-fold counterfeit detection - UV, magnetic ink and infrared Counts 1000 notes per minute Auto start and stop function Counting for all currencies Double display Add and batch function 2 year warranty CE approved Includes manual in English, cleaning and service kit, separate teller display and EU and UK power adaptor Power: 220V Dimensions: 292x246x178mm Weight: 7kg
    GBP SSC33283 235.29 RRP:£ 239.00 £ 235.29
    2% Off Inc. VAT £ 282.35
  • Safescan 2680-S Banknote Counter (Pack of 1) 112-0510

    Code: SSC33413
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SSC33413 530.64 RRP:£ 544.90 £ 530.64
    3% Off Inc. VAT £ 636.77