In many working environments, there is a need for keeping items secure. Whether it is expensive tools and equipment or sensitive personal information; the security of these items is paramount in the workplace. Here at Collage, we have a large range of locks available to increase the levels of security at your workplace. Ranging from traditional padlocks to computer and laptop locks, we're sure to have the product you need. Why don't you take a look?


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  • Master Lock 30mm Aluminium Padlock 9130EURD 40041

    Code: RY93115
    Pack size: Each

    Master Lock 30mm Aluminium Padlock. Dimensions in mm: (H)29, (W)30, (D)12. Length of shackle: 18mm.
    GBP RY93115 5.31 RRP:£ 6.85 £ 5.31
    22% Off Inc. VAT £ 6.38
  • Master Lock Magnum 30mm Brass Padlock 40043

    Code: AC92908
    Pack size: Each

    Solid brass lock body which is corrosion resistant. Hardened shackle offers superior resistance to cutting and sawing making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 30mm.
    GBP AC92908 6.66 RRP:£ 9.43 £ 6.66
    29% Off Inc. VAT £ 8.00
  • Master Lock Brass Combination Padlock 30mm 630EURD

    Code: AC93196
    Pack size: Each

    Solid brass 3 digit re-settable padlock. Ideal for those who prefer the key free convenience of a combination padlock. Ideal for suitcases, sports bags etc. body width 30mm
    GBP AC93196 12.06 RRP:£ 16.39 £ 12.06
    26% Off Inc. VAT £ 14.48
  • Master Lock Magnum 50mm Brass Padlock 40044

    Code: AC93011
    Pack size: Each

    Solid Brass Lock body which is corrosion resistant. Hardened shackle offers superior resistance to cutting and sawing making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 50mm.
    GBP AC93011 13.09 RRP:£ 19.44 £ 13.09
    33% Off Inc. VAT £ 15.71
  • Brass Padlock Long Shackle 041647

    Code: BDS04164
    Pack size: Each

    GBP BDS04164 14.03 £ 14.03 Inc. VAT £ 16.84
  • Master Lock 40mm Aluminium Padlock 9140EURD

    Code: RY93117
    Pack size: Each

    GBP RY93117 14.29 £ 14.29 Inc. VAT £ 17.15
  • Master Lock 40mm Brass Padlock 140EURD

    Code: RY09294
    Pack size: Each

    GBP RY09294 14.87 £ 14.87 Inc. VAT £ 17.84
  • Master Lock 32mm TSA Combination Padlock Black 40054

    Code: RY92546
    Pack size: Each

    GBP RY92546 24.24 £ 24.24 Inc. VAT £ 29.09
  • Master Lock Select Access 4-Digit Combination Lock Key Storage Unit 5401D

    Code: SEC92238
    Pack size: Each

    Aluminium cast body to resist against hammering or sawing Rust-free, suitable for outdoor use Four-digit programmable combination Prevents being ^locked-out^ Easily mounts to most surfaces (fixings supplied) Can also be used as a mini safe for small amounts of cash and valuables External WxDxH: 85x35x119mm Weight: 4.41kg
    GBP SEC92238 33.66 RRP:£ 48.22 £ 33.66
    30% Off Inc. VAT £ 40.40
  • Securikey Push Access Key Store Black /Grey 5412D

    Code: SEC93469
    Pack size: Each

    Securikey Select Access Key Store 5412D. Push button key store with up to 4000 possible codes. Large enough to accommodate bunches of keys. Solid zinc weather resistant body resists hammering or sawing. Ideal for commercial and domestic use.
    GBP SEC93469 50.46 RRP:£ 71.86 £ 50.46
    30% Off Inc. VAT £ 60.56
  • Master Lock Indoor Bluetooth Padlock 4400EURD

    Code: SG94302
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SG94302 93.81 £ 93.81 Inc. VAT £ 112.57
  • Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth Padlock 4401EURDLH

    Code: SG94303
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SG94303 125.54 £ 125.54 Inc. VAT £ 150.65